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SIGHTED EYES/FEELING HEART Documentary Screening - March 26, 2018 and WOMEN and DIVERSITY Playwriting Workshop - March 27, 2018 at the August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh

LakeArts Foundation

On March 26 and March 27, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in collaboration with the LakeArts Foundation will present a special event- Women and Diversity in the Theatre at the August Wilson Center for African American CultureCombining a screening of the exciting new documentary Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart profiling

life and work of playwright/activist Lorraine Hansberry with a companion workshop focusing on women and diversity will provide an exciting opportunity to focus on diversity and the role of women in theatre

At the age of 29, Hansberry was the Girst African-American woman to write a play performed on Broadway- Raisin in the Sun–starring Sidney Poitier. Her play, depicting community segregation in Chicago, would resonate in cities throughout the country. As an activist, making change in her cultural and political life, Hansberry would go on to become a journalist, working with giants like James Baldwin, W.E.B. Dubois, and Paul Robeson.

TOO CLOSE -- A Play by Luigi Laraia at HB Studio, New York City April 27, 28, 29, 2018

LakeArts Foundation

The play, TOO CLOSE is a parable about climate change and its impact on two unsuspecting individuals trapped in an elevator in a modern-day high rise.  At its simplest level, it is a microcosm of a world in which depletion of resources leads to the inhumanity of man against man, and nothing in the play prepares you for its shocking outcome.

TOO CLOSE demonstrates the power of theatre to inspire, activate and make change in the world around us.

Presented at the HB Studios, the evening will also feature leading environmentalists, scientists, and climate change activists who will discuss the global impact of climate change as it begins to affect our daily lives and ultimately the relationships within our community.